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with kind permission of Donald Sumpter

Image with kind permission of Mr. Donald Sumpter

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Feral by Toby Clark. Directed by Toby Clark
Theatre: National Theatre Studio, London 


Scenic, Costume & Puppet Design: Maureen Freedman
Puppet Construction: Maureen Freedman

"Maureen Freedman's puppet design is in itself haunting - the cat's head is a grey mesh of jagged material which looks as if it could crumble at any moment, just like both of our heroes...Feral left me wanting more...this is a production which will embed itself in your brain as much as the eerie cat has rooted itself in Matthew's" (Terry O'Donavan, The British Theatre Guide )

"..Puppet design by Maureen Freedman fits in perfectly with the overall understated style of the play" (Amrita Chattergee, Extra! Extra!)

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