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An Evening of Pirandelo: Raison D'etre

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Photographer: Daniel Rader

An evening of Pirandelo: Raison D'etre. Directed by  Patrick Mulryan
Choreographer: Allison Plamondon
Translation by Roberto Di Donato and Giovanni Villari and Edward Storer
J.Jewell Productions at Theatre 71, NY

Costume Design: Maureen Freedman
Hair and Make-up:  Cy Blankinship and Marlin Steen
Lighting Design: Giovanni Villari
Original Composition: Chris Tench and Brett Ryan Stewart


"A...minimal set...was balanced by a visually arresting, Victorian steampunk look, thanks to Costume Designer Maureen Freedman. The show-stopping moment when the “six characters” interrupt a rehearsal of “Chee-Chee”, advancing onto the set from backstage, looking almost as morbidly attired as the Addams Family, was wonderfully executed and memorable". (Linda Ann Lo Schiavo, L'idea

"A special shout-out is owed to Maureen Freedman, the costume designer,...whose creations go a long way toward evoking the uncertain, spooky and unsettling vibe that takes over Raison D’Être...". (Bob Dreyfuss, Picture this Post)

".. She (Maureen, M.F.) sees working with her collaborators as a key element to the success of a performance-based project. She approaches teamwork in a most congenial way, and also understands how to motivate and lead her working partners towards a shared vision". (Maichael Pavelka, UK Scenographer)

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