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Silence Makes Perfect


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Silence Makes Perfect. by Yael Rasooly and Amit Dolberg
A new musical and visual theatre creation. 

A requiem for a naive world stolen from a child, and  a concerto  for the re-claiming of a woman's voice and life flame. These are played out in an immersive synergistic experience using broken musical instruments, 3D printed masks and object theatre. 
Originally conceived at the Britten Studio, and showing at Snape Maltings "Festival of New" in the UK.

Concept design and 3D masks: Ran D. Kopiler 
Costume Design:  Maureen Freedman
Lighting Design: Yoav Barel
Sound Design: Binya Reches
Puppet Design: Yael Rasooly


"A music drama made of live and pre-recorded sound...asked only that we allow our nerves to be shredded by a chilling tale of a repressed girl prodigy and a violent truth that cannot be silenced....this requiem to the lost naive wold of a child transformed the Britten Studio into a chamber of horror complete with puppets made from broken instruments, (and) ghosts of a brilliant career that never was; Beautifully and Disturbingly done" (Fiona Maddocks, The Guardian, 2019)

“I have never seen costume, make-up, props, 3-D printed puppets and music brought together to elicit such a fundamental and strong response in me. They tackled big issues head on, unwavering…I was marveling at their ingenuity and astonishing accumulative talents…daring epic theatre brought to life by incredible minds”
(Sarah Nicolls, fellow resident)


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