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The Snow Maiden


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The Snow Maiden. and Opera by Nikolai Rimski-Korsakov. 
Directed by Dona D. Vaughn
Opera: MSM Ades Theatre, NYC
Musical Director: Jorge Parodi

Scenic and Costume Design: Maureen Freedman
Lighting Design: Marika Kent

"Designer Maureen Freedman did wonders with fur lined, brocade (and) peasant wear, glitter snow, a few well placed white birch trees and illuminated cutouts of grey cottages suspended under the Tzar's golden palace...with the hard working, energetic  ensemble arranged in the aisles, and Spring Fairy granting her benevolence from a side balcony" (Joanne Sydney Lessner, Opera News)

"Sets and Costumes were designed by Maureen Freedman, whos wonderful work is new to us. The set for Snow Maiden was simple but effective - some bare white trees with tiny lights suggesting icicles, minaret of windows suggesting a town...The simplicity of the set was balanced by the elaborate design of costumes. Fairy Spring was covered with flowers and greenery, King Frost  like Snegurochka was decked out in white and fur. The Tzar was resplendent in gold and wealthier citizens looked like pictures in a book from 19th century Russia. Peasants wore babushka's and long  skirts with aprons. It was all picture perfect" (Voce di Meche)

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